Photo: Martin Henriksson/FIB

Russia world champions in Ulyanovsk

Defeated Finland in the final with 6-1 in the finals. Sergei Lomanov scored three goals and became the match winner. See the gamelogg >>


Information about World Championship in Bandy 2016

Dear Friends! Due to the weather conditions and in order to keep the ice on Trud stadium in excellent shape for semifinals and final, the following matches are moved to Volga Sport Arena. Tuesday 2.2,…


Annual FIB Congress 2016

Dear colleagues! The Annual FIB Congress at the World Championship 2016 in Ulianovsk will be held on Friday, February 5th, at 10:00 AM local time in hotel “Venets” (Spasskaya str. 19/9). Welcome to the Congress!

Photo: Martin Henriksson/FIB

World Championship in Ulyanovsk starts today

World Championships start today and first up is the match between the USA and Latvia at 10:00. Their last game last year, ended 5-2 to the USA. Participating teams Sweden Finland USA Russia Norway Latvia…