Kampparit new Finnish Champions in bandy

2012-03-13 18:09:31

On Saturday March 10th 2012 the Finnish finals were played between the home team Kampparit and Narukerä (Pori) and Kampparit won 6-2 (5-0).

Kampparit was strong, and the game's best player Kimmo Huotelin scored the game's first goal after four minutes. Kampparit continued well and the team led at half time with 5-0.

Narukerä started the second half well and Jaakko Niemi reduced the numbers to 5-1. But then Kimmo Huotelin set an end to the match when he scored 6-1. Narukerä's Timo Mustonen made ​​a penalty goal by the end of the match and the figures were 6-2 to the home team.

The match was played on natural ice in front of the biggest audience for the season: 3734 came to see the game. 102 Finnish Championship have been played and this victory was the first for Kampparit.

Kampparit - Narukerä 6-2 (5-0)
04 minutes 1-0 Kimmo Huotelin (Lasse Kyllönen)
08 minutes 2-0 Ministero Kumela (Huotelin)
26 min 3-0 Joonas Kakriainen (Kumela)
28 min 4-0 Kakriainen (Mikko Hyvönen)
38 min 5-0 Janne Hauska (Kimmo Kyllönen)
48 min 5-1 Jaakko Niemi (Esa Oksanen)
61 minutes 6-1 Huotelin (Kumela)
86 mins 6-2 Tomi Mustonen

Finnish Champions 2012

Men: Kampparit, Mikkeli
Women: Veiterä, Lappeenranta
P21: Botnia, Helsinki
P17: Kampparit, Mikkeli
F95: Veiterä, Lappeenranta
P15: OLS, Pulu
F98: Veiterä, Lappeenranta
P13:Botnia, Helsinki
P11: HIFK, Helsinki

More photos from the game are available at: https://picasaweb.google.com/112906270441392532877/SMFinaali2012#5718244493063195106

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