A very well organized World Championship for Women in Irkutsk made a great success

2012-03-01 13:11:48

On behalf of the FIB Technical Committee, I would like to thank Mr. Vladimir Matienko and the Organizing Committee for all your good work to arrange WCS in bandy for Women 2012.

The tournament itself was a great success and a memorable experience for the athletes and all other officials and delegates. In general bandy games were played on high level, especially the final game between Sweden and Russia was played with top skills.

This game was really big propaganda for the sport of bandy, also transmitted at the TV Channel ANCT and of course shown up at the Trud Arena for approximately 12.000 spectators.

The tournament was very well organized. No big problems with logistics, such as local transportation, practice on the ice arenas and meals. Three different arenas, Trud – Record - Sholohov, made it possible to compose a qualified and fair match programme for all teams.  

In my opinion, all teams enjoyed the hospitality at hotel Irkutsk. The standard on the rooms, good food, good service and all necessary needed for the athletes. The opening- and closing ceremony, the arenas, the impressing big crowd on the matches, security, press and TV coverage, souvenirs to all participants and not to forget, the fabulous banquette the last evening. Everything was perfect and a great experience and memory for life to all of us. Personally I agree with FIB Vice President Mr. Magnus Sköld; “The best Bandy WCS for Woman ever !”

And may be the most important in long term, we met a lot of new friends from Russia and Irkutsk. With a great pleasure, we also noticed how the City administration of Irkutsk, especially the Mayor Viktor Kondrashov and Deputy Mayor Igor A. Borisov, supported this event. 

Thank You for all the good work for the sport of bandy, the WCS Woman 2012 and looking forward to seeing You again!

Oslo February 29, 2012


Tor Audun Sørensen
Vice Chairman


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